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  • Freight Elevator

    Freight Elevator

    Bearing Heavy Load Easily

    AKSEN freight elevator adopts strict manufacturing standard with application of world-class advanced control technology and modern fashionable aesthetic decoration design, high technical containing, advanced technology, possessing characters of fast speed, stable performance, highly efficient and energy saving, as well as elegance and beauty and so on, satisfying comprehensively needs of building communication in high grade business buildings, hotels, and high grade apartments.
    AKSEN goods elevator possesses characters of large gravity, durable and beautiful as well as high level of high efficiency and energy conservation, with featured design targeted at needs of different places, satisfying needs of different freight transportations in all kinds of places to the largest extent.

    Obvious Advantages in Upward and Downward Operation

    Stable and comfortable

    Multiple effect combination of integrated actuator, frequency conversion door machine, and main engine with frequency conversion, bringing about outstanding comfort and stability.

    Accurate leveling

    Adopt advanced VVVF frequency communication technology, realizing conversion system to coordinate with serial accuracy control in millimeter level.

    Machin-roomless freight elevator

    AKSEN no-machine room goods elevator adopts world-class advanced design idea and mature control system, greatly reducing space in machine room, which is an unprecedented breakthrough as to spatial design, bringing about you with larger freedom space.

    Cancel machine room to expand space

    Cancel machine room and place the elevator in well, which can reduce 10% of construction area, and realize 25% of total area of elevator equipment saved, and reduce space occupancy by 40%, providing for designers and architecture with larger design space.

    Modern design,beatifying space

    No-machine room design of AKSEN solves specialties of different structures of different buildings,wining great trust from market and clients depending on plasticity of construction.

    Energy conservation and environmental protection

    Adopt permanent magnetic simultaneous gearless main machine to reduce friction in transmission with low noise, no oil, reducing energy by 40%.