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    Rewrite your attitude towards life

    Let the elevator like people thinking and acting, tacit, tentacle is our best understanding, AKSEN, and you are sympathetic.

    Service first

    Elevator service quality expert

    “Professional, concentrate, focus” for the enterprise navigation mark; Exxon, the Chinese culture armed with the world science and technology;

    Visual space

    Spatial pattern of change

    Between point, line and plane, every grinding carefully; each design is unique originality; we look at you not see more carefully designed.

    Efficient intelligent

    Smart times to meet the city

    Humanized interactive design, so that enjoy become accustomed to; scientific and technological innovation, to create high-end security space;

    With rapid development of Yangtze River Delta economy in China even in the world, AKSEN elevator emerges. It brings with congenital advantages of sino-foreign joint venture, wining achievements of top elevator technology in the world. it regards shaoxing,famous historicalcity, as foothold,profession;attention and concentration as enterprise coordinate, pplying firstly the humanized design idea in woridwide leading edged science and technology in new technology and product development, creating a brand-new industrial civilization era.

    AKSEN, what you get is never a solution, but a set of solutions.

    Product solutions

    The core part of the independent research and development of the company, with the advanced control technology, perfect to build a set of energy-saving and environmental protection, efficient and intelligent, safe and reliable as one of the perfect elevator. Combined with market demand, the introduction of different cost of passenger ladder to meet your different needs. AKSEN lift, focus on building for your elevator.


    Energy conservation and environmental protection, green low carbon life “oxygen”

    Polyurethane foam technology

    The use of polyurethane foam filled car side wall, so that the overall weight of the car body lighter, running process to get a good buffer. At the same time, the foaming agent has good thermal insulation, sound insulation and shock absorption effect, which can effectively improve the overall comfort of the elevator.

    Gearless permanent magnet synchronous machine

    Rare earth materials are chosen. The coaxial transmission technology, digital frequency conversion technology and group combined with computer control technology is fully integrated, operation cost is low, and the energy dissipation was low, compared with the traditional technology, 33% energy savings. No need to replace the oil gearless machine, no pollution, low noise, quiet nature.

    Multiple energy saving mode, such a step

    LED lamp has long service life, less power consumption,which is 1/8 of incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp 1/2.When the elevator is in a dormant state (no calling landing need), the lighting and the fan will automatically shut down, thereby saving the power of the electric energy.Passengers can cancel the invalid instruction, to avoid the invalid operation of the elevator, consuming a lot of energy.

    Efficient and intelligent, to meet the leading intelligent Era

    Advanced permanent magnet synchronous door machine system

    This machine adopts the latest frequency conversion control technology, the use of closed-loop control, can be applied to the car door, door machine curve adjustment simple and convenient, compact structure, high efficiency, and can monitor the operation of the door machine.

    Efficient vector integrated VVVF driver

    With the latest generation of industrial control technology and communication technology, covering the distance control, direct docking, closed-loop vector control technology, BUS CAN communications technology, multi CPU technology, the formation of a new generation of intelligent vector integrated control system.

    32 bit high performance controller

    Excellent performance of computer control panel; 32 bit high performance industrial grade ARM controller; the accuracy of the speed signal is given, with the advantages of comfort; strong anti electromagnetic interference ability, strong anti-static ability.

    Fault self detection system

    When a fault occurs, the first time automatically finds and displays the information on the display, so as to facilitate the maintenance of the maintenance personnel.

    Safe and reliable, close to protect all the peace of mind

    A multi ray infrared light curtain protection system settings such as which any beam light is blocked goalkeeper to immediately stop close and open the reverse.
    To monitor the operation status of the elevator and the passengers in the elevator.
    In the car door and its edge overlap parts with infrared radiation, such as detection of foreign body near the door, the door is not open, and through liquid crystal display and voice prompt attention.
    An anti – speed safety device used for making the car brake or an effective reduction of the car to a certain extent.

    Beijing Saige Electronics Market Beijing Saige Electronics Market
    Beijing Saige Electronics Market
    Nanjing Wanda Plaza Nanjing Wanda Plaza
    Nanjing Wanda Plaza
    Shanghai Rising Sun Plaza Shanghai Rising Sun Plaza
    Shanghai Rising Sun Plaza
    Yingkou Real Estate Yingkou Real Estate
    Yingkou Real Estate
    Shidao garden Shidao garden
    Shidao garden
    Guangzhou Luyuan Garden Guangzhou Luyuan Garden
    Guangzhou Luyuan Garden
    Northern Zhejiang Changxing Global Center’s tallest building Northern Zhejiang Changxing Global Center’s tallest building
    Northern Zhejiang Changxing Global Center's tallest building
    Chongqing Museum of Natural History Chongqing Museum of Natural History
    Chongqing Museum of Natural History
    Hetian Oasis Court Hetian Oasis Court
    Hetian Oasis Court
    Hubei Huji Innovation Ltd Hubei Huji Innovation Ltd
    Hubei Huji Innovation Ltd


    AKSEN elevator ten years of sword, free from arrogance and impetuosity, to you and your family’s safety, concentrate on doing engineering at ease. Your trust, is our greatest reward.